Important information about the Year 10 Parents Evening

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Dear Parents,

 As you may know, the school is changing the time when students start GCSEs from Year 10 to Year 9. This means that we have to run an options process for our Year 8 students. In order to for this to happen we have needed to bring the Year 8 parents’ evening forward to Thursday 26th January, which was the date of the timetabled Y10 parents’ evening.

 As a result, we have had to move the Year 10 parents’ evening back to Thursday 16th February.

 I apologise for the fact that we are only just contacting you about this change but unfortunately, there was a breakdown in our systems and the initial communication about this change was not sent to you earlier.

 This year we have introduced a new online booking system for parents evening and 2 weeks before the evening you will be receiving an email with details about how to log on to our system to make appointments with staff.

 Please accept my apologies for our the lateness of our communication and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 16th February

 Rob Browning



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