Mr Richardson Appointed to Permanent Headteacher Role

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The Beckfoot Trust are delighted to announce that Jeremy Richardson has been appointed to the permanent headteacher role at Beckfoot Thornton School. Jeremy is highly experienced. He has led schools, been an Ofsted HMI Inspector and led national educational initiatives. In recent times he has been working for the Beckfoot Trust in an Associate Director role.

This is an immensely important appointment. The challenge for Jeremy and his team is to rapidly improve the school's performance so that all students can enjoy learning, be proud of their school and achieve academic outcomes that will place them in the top 20% of similar schools. We want to make Beckfoot Thornton a remarkable learning environment for young people to learn within.

Jeremy would like to convey the following message to parents:

“I plan on being the headteacher of Beckfoot Thornton for years to come, and will build a true community school that effectively meets the needs of all students through great teaching and behaviour, so that all students can be proud of their school. We will create a school where all students feel safe and happy and achieve excellent outcomes.

Together we shall tackle the challenges ahead with pace and the confidence that we can bring about rapid change. This also marks a new chapter in my career, and I am excited about embarking on the journey that will see Beckfoot Thornton become a hub of our community and a beacon for excellence.”

I know that Jeremy is hugely excited by the opportunity to lead this fine school and is already strongly attached to the Beckfoot Thornton community.

Yours sincerely,

David Horn

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