Headteacher’s Blog 06/07/2018

This week I have had the pleasure of welcoming year 7 students to our 3 day transition induction.

Students arrived on Wednesday morning, some were a little guarded to begin with. Coming from a smaller primary to a large school with over 1500 students can be quite daunting!

The nerves did not last long. Students embraced the opportunity to look around the school, meet their form tutors and class mates, and get a feel for how exciting life will be when they commence their studies at Beckfoot Thornton.

I was suitably impressed with how polite and courteous our new students were. Their behaviour was excellent and they soon grasped the expectations of the school, lining up in their form groups in single file and remaining silent when asked to do so.

It was great to meet with parents of our new students too. In addition to welcoming the new students, our transition induction allowed parents and carers to meet their children’s form tutors, year teams and senior leadership, and to ask any questions they had.

On Thursday, the students enjoyed a break from creating their super hero designs and learnt our year 7 theme song “Reach for the Stars”, complete with dance moves.

This particular song very much reflects the ethos of the school, that every student enjoys learning and expects success. We are all about aspiration and never accepting second best!

On Friday, the students took part in football matches and games of rounders outside – the lovely weather really helped!

In September these students will become our year 7 cohort. I look forward to welcoming them back to Beckfoot Thornton on Tuesday 4th September.

In other news, 12 of our students have successfully graduated the first year of The Scholars Programme run by the Brilliant Club.

The students will be attending a graduation ceremony at Leeds University. On the day, they will be congratulated on the hard work they have put into their project, having successfully completed a 1500 word essay. Excellent work!

On one of the warmest days of the year so far, 36 of our year 11 Food Preparation and Nutrition students undertook the mammoth task of preparing a 3-course meal EACH!

The students were so focused that they didn’t even notice me popping in to observe them preparing their culinary delights! Well done, your commitment and sheer determination were outstanding.

Mr Richardson

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