Headteacher’s Blog 21/09/2018

Guten Tag!

We are very excited to be celebrating the EU Day of languages on Wednesday 26th September.
There will be various events taking place around school and students will be encouraged to flaunt their knowledge of French, German and Spanish!

Our secondary open evening for prospective parents of next years’ year 7 cohort, is being held on 27th September at 5.45pm. It is a great opportunity for the students and their families to get a flavour of life at Beckfoot Thornton.

This week, some of our Year 13 students had the opportunity to go to Bogle Hole, with Dr Evans on a Biology field trip.
The trip went splendidly. The students were engaged, put in a lot of effort and behaved impeccably. In addition, there was the added bonus of great weather!
The students collected useful data and saw the rocky shore in situ, and most importantly, experienced key ecology fieldwork first hand.


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