Year 9 Barclays Life Skills Workshops

All Year 9 students had a 'drop down' day in October. This meant that instead of attending their timetabled lessons, they went to 5 workshops that were delivered by experienced, motivational external adults.

Their aim was to get students to think about their current skills and what they need to do in the future in order to make a positive transition between school and work. The sessions provided a platform on which students could develop skills to become leaders and the titles of the sessions were:

· Overcoming challenges and Thinking confidently
· Workplace behaviour
· Personal strengths for employment
· Assertiveness, Communication and body language
· Recognising and building personal skills

The students completed feedback sheets from the day and from these we can see that students used the day to evaluate themselves as students and focus on what areas they need to develop. It is also clear that they enjoyed the sessions, in particular the role playing sessions and getting to know what the facilitators had done as jobs building up to their careers.

One parent kindly got in touch after the event to say "She found it really motivating and it inspired her to try harder at school".

We are hoping to have a similar day for the students in the Summer term which will build on the information they gained during this one.

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