The Brilliant Club – Information and Guidance Day

Information and Guidance Day at the Media Museum    9.11.18

Our Brilliant Club students had a great day on Friday 9th November when they visited the Media Museum for an Information and Guidance Day run by the Brilliant Club and Worcester College.

Students reflected on the work they did last year. They learnt and were mentored by a PHd tutor who was a world expert in their field, they learnt the ‘process of application’ and how to correctly reference assignments as well as logically set them out, building evidence and understanding. They enjoyed talking to ‘real’ university students, finding out what they were studying, what they liked and didn’t like about being at university and what they wanted to do in later life.

The aim of the whole programme is to increase aspirations, make students studying at Beckfoot schools say “I can….”  “I’m good enough…..” and get them to question “how far can I go……..”!

At the IAG day, students watched a lecture by John Parrington about DNA and saw how to extract the DNA of a strawberry.

They worked with students from other schools to discuss the implications of genetic modification and cloning and presented their findings to others.

They also took part in a mathematics and a law lecture. BBC Look North attended and a number of our students were interviewed about their views, hopefully they’ll be spotted on TV soon!

In 2019, the 12 students will be further mentored through an assignment, this time through a virtual portal before attending a residential in Worcester in June.

Exciting times ahead!

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