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This is the home for all things Beckfoot Thornton Radio. Check back here for updates on the broadcasts and podcasts we are working on.

Remember, this is a platform for student voices. If you have anything you would like to talk about, if you want to share your experiences or if there is anything else about the radio project you would like to discuss, you can contact us here - ThoRadio


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Weekly live broadcast; Votes for Schools on Tuesdays at 8:25am, goes out during an extended form time and you can hear our students discussing interesting and challenging weekly topics as well as hearing about how other schools around the country have voted on them too.


-What's on-

Votes for Schools - Show 10

The tenth live broadcast of Votes for Schools! We have come a long way since Callum kicked us off back in September.

Sasha and Lewis hosted the show and presented brilliantly, bringing you the results for the topic "Can one event define a decade?" and releasing this week's topic "Should youth criminal records last into adulthood?"

Paige, Dylan and Leo were our correspondents seeking out our students views on this week's topic.





Work Of The Week

First WOTW of the decade! Seren makes her 2nd WOTW radio appearance so massive well done to her. Sharon it turns out, is a bit of a radio veteran apparently, being involved in a school radio before coming to us, and thankfully, Leo and Abigail mustered up the courage to join us, tentative at first but well worth it as they did brilliantly.

Some really great work which you can see with the following links - Seren, Leo, Sharon, Abigail





Inspiring Personalities - Gill Arnold

A truly inspiring personality joined James, Leigha and Paige in the studio for chat this week.

There is way to much to choose from about Gill to fit in here so we have added her profile sheet she provided and this is what the students used to form their questions to her. A thouroughly good chat so make sure to have a listen.

Gill Arnold





Votes for Schools - Show 9

Votes for Schools has returned this year with our 9th instalment. James and Simran looked at the results for ‘Has tech enhanced Christmas?’ and released this week’s topic ‘Is it easy to be vegan today?’

Two very modern subjects there so tune in and have a listen.






Battlefields Trip

Paige and Leigha talked to Leah from Yr10 about their exciting historical battlefields trip to Belgium and France. Find out what went on and what they saw on this great opportunity to learn about some very important European History.







Inspiring Personalities - Mick Chandsoor

Madyson hosted the first show of 2020 and was joined by Mick Chandsoor of the Education Partnership which is part of Aspiration Bradford.

Madyson delved in to what Mick does with brilliant questioning and generally just brilliant hosting all round.

More on the project here





Work of the Week

Brodie was geared up to host this show in the absence of Mr Richardson but to his relief, Sir was just running a bit late. Massive thank you though Brodie for being willing to step up to the challenge! Another massive thank you to Leonards who happily played his ukulele piece on short notice, always a great way to start the show. And lets not forget Isabelle and Paige who had the task of describing to you their visual works from Art and History, striking images for different reasons and they did brilliantly talking about them.

Here are the links for the work:- Brodie, Leonards, Isabelle and Paige





Sports Bulletin

Ed brings us the latest edition of our sports bulletins after quite a busy month or two and is joined by Josh, Madyson and Jack.

The number of sports leaders is increasing year on year at BTA and they are getting Bradford wide recognition, often getting poached to help other event organisers to help facilitate. Here are all the latest reports from this term.




The Beckfoot Thornton Radio Story

Over the recent years, we have been working on identifying and solidifying our culture as a diverse Bradford school and one of Beckfoot Trust's grammar schools. We have come a long way in a couple of years and a solid foundation has been set.

Then, there was an idea. We already had a space where a radio project existed many years before we were part of a trust, and with a school focus on improving oracy, it was realised we had a unique opprtunity.

Beckfoot Thornton Radio was born. Some equipment later (many thanks to the help provided by Broadcast Radio) and getting on board our very own local radio talent Shazia Awan, we set our sights on a launch day.

With many extra curricular activities going on, we set about talking and interviewing with students and gathering ideas on what we can do with this project. So we created several podcasts and got ready for our inaugural broadcast.

We kicked off with a live broadcast hosted by 2 of our 6th formers and they were joined in the studio by 3 of our sports leaders who brilliantly delivered a sports bulletin.

We couldn't have asked for a better start, the students excelled and delivered the show with a professional attitude and have done themselves and the school proud.

The radio project team, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Awan and Mr Doak want to extend a huge thanks to the 6th formers for stepping in to give Beckfoot Thornton Radio a voice, the sports leaders too and all the students who have helped create some fabulous podcasts. A special thanks goes to the guests who featured on the JEEP and National Railway Museum podcasts.

So, Monday 13th May was launch day. Mr Richardson was joined by Mrs Morrissey from the Beckfoot Trust for the official opening of Beckfoot Thornton Radio. They met with the project team and the students who had just delivered the broadcast and Mrs Morrissey got to have a look round the studio. Everyone was also treated to some cake as an extra thanks for their efforts in getting the station up and running.

We are taking the time running up to the summer holidays to develop on ideas and learn our craft so come September, radio will be truly cemented in our culture. We will have a dedicated classroom where the radio studio is to run workshops where students can get involved with all aspects of radio production. So before long, we will have fully student led productions. We hope to have the addition of music from September too, which is very exciting.

Below are some pictures of the launch and studio.