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Remember, this is a platform for student voices. If you have anything you would like to talk about, if you want to share your experiences or if there is anything else about the radio project you would like to discuss, you can contact us here - ThoRadio


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Dear Listeners

As you can imagine, there will be no live or new content for the foreseeable future. Obviously, the welfare of students and staff is of the utmost priority.

Stream Offline

Our stream is currently offline due to a technical issue. The podcasts are still available from the list on the web player.

We will get the stream live again as soon as we can but as we are sure you can appreciate, we have significantly reduced staff on site during this period.


-What's on-

Votes for School - Show 14

Anoop, Haseeb and Blessing brought us this week's show and then they headed out to ask pupils their views on the topic released this week which is 'Does the modern world make it harder for deseases to spread?'







Save the Planet - 4

Paige and Leigha hosted with Mrs Awan on this episode and were discussing the ozone layer and how human activity has impacted it.

Save the Planet aims to give our students a voice to discuss climate change and to encourage our listeners to do the same.






World Book Day - St. James Academy

Grace and Ruby talked to students from St. James Academy for this year’s World Book Day where they shared their stories on celebrating WBD, dressing up as characters form WBD and general discussions on all things books and reading.








Inspiring Personalities - Simmy Sekhon

Another Bradford Community Champion was invited along to speak to our students. Callum and Mohammed quizzed Simmy on a background that saw him start out as a sole practitioner solicitor to currently working in commercial property development.






Votes for Schools - 13

We didn't go live this week as one of our presenters got caught up in the travel disruption due to the inclement weather.

Mrs Awan stepped in to present with Mohammed bringing you the results for 'Do you want to be internet famous?' Topic released this week is 'Do you enjoy reading?'

Next week, results for 'Do young people know the signs of an abusive relationship?'





Work of the Week

Our final WOTW broadcast for this half term. Another week, another bunch of talented students being recognised for their hard work.

This week we had a chatty bunch joining Mr Richardson in the studio. Seren, Frances and Bethany made bunting for our Harry Potter night in the Library. Charlie composed some music to represent the story of a spider and Caitlin gave us a finger tapping rendition of her grade 2 drum piece! Sophie and Trynnity did some science work on the digestive system much to Mr Richardson’s amusement and Seren, nominated again for English, wowed the group with her expertly written poem and analysis.






Work of the Week

Mr Richardson was joined by Essa, Lewie and Brandon this time out. Essa had a short story with impeccable presentation, Lewie’s German went to the next level and Brandon showed in depth knowledge of the crusades with his recruitment poster.

All were fantastic in their answering of questions and in explaining their work.






Inspiring Personalities - Mark Cowgill

Laeeba and Eleanor spoke to another Bradford Community Champion today, Mark Cowgill. A co-founder and director of the Bradford based Exa Networks, a member of BID Development Board, Bradford Breakthrough and is on the Leadership Group for the Chamber of Commerce.

Here Mark tells us his story with true Bradfordian passion whilst answering the brilliant questions from 2 of our seasoned presenters.

Here are some links

Exa Networks       Bradford BID       Bradford Breakthrough




Votes for Schools - Show 12

Georgia, Corrine and Maddison hosted today bringing our listeners the results and our student views on ‘Should criminal records last in to adulthood?’

This week’s topic released is ‘Should girls and boys mental health be treated differently?’ The girls took to the hallways after broadcasting to see what our students thought.

Next week, results for ‘Is the UK a tolerant place to live?’





Votes for Schools - Show 11

Amy, Ben and Terri bring us Votes for Schools this week and starting with the results for “Would you go vegan for a month?”, having a look at the popular movement “Veganuary”, we find out what students across the country think about it.

“Is the UK a tolerant place to live?” is the new topic released and next week we will be hearing what our students have to say on “Should youth criminal records last into adulthood?”





Work of the Week 

Our first piece of spoken languages on this edition of WOTW. Zunair and Daniel conversed fluently in German and from memory as they described themselves and their families. Elise, a regular nominee for WOTW also read out her English work on her first time in the studio, well done! Awais had an exciting looking blockhead complete with laser cut glasses and green felt hair, very unique. And finally, we learnt of the fate of Skye’s delicious looking meatball dish made with her special twist!





Votes for Schools - Show 10

The tenth live broadcast of Votes for Schools! We have come a long way since Callum kicked us off back in September.

Sasha and Lewis hosted the show and presented brilliantly, bringing you the results for the topic "Can one event define a decade?" and releasing this week's topic "Should youth criminal records last into adulthood?"

Paige, Dylan and Leo were our correspondents seeking out our students views on this week's topic.





Work Of The Week

First WOTW of the decade! Seren makes her 2nd WOTW radio appearance so massive well done to her. Sharon it turns out, is a bit of a radio veteran apparently, being involved in a school radio before coming to us, and thankfully, Leo and Abigail mustered up the courage to join us, tentative at first but well worth it as they did brilliantly.

Some really great work which you can see with the following links - Seren, Leo, Sharon, Abigail



World Radio Day

What an inspiring day it was! Students and guests alike brought you engaging content throughout the day all in the name of ‘Diversity’. As a Bradford school we cherish the diversity that comes with this great city and being able to bring you our take on it via the medium of radio means a lot.

A huge thank you to the students who gave their time and effort to help celebrate with the rest of the radio world. And also a massive thank you to Mrs Awan who made it all happen, to running the broadcast on the day and to inspiring our students to become effective communicators.

If you missed it, fear not, the broadcast was recorded in a morning and afternoon session and is available via the web player. There are a few diversity inspired tunes in there too for good measure.



You can find out more via these links.

World Radio Day overview



The Beckfoot Thornton Radio Story

Over the recent years, we have been working on identifying and solidifying our culture as a diverse Bradford school and one of Beckfoot Trust's grammar schools. We have come a long way in a couple of years and a solid foundation has been set.

Then, there was an idea. We already had a space where a radio project existed many years before we were part of a trust, and with a school focus on improving oracy, it was realised we had a unique opprtunity.

Beckfoot Thornton Radio was born. Some equipment later (many thanks to the help provided by Broadcast Radio) and getting on board our very own local radio talent Shazia Awan, we set our sights on a launch day.

With many extra curricular activities going on, we set about talking and interviewing with students and gathering ideas on what we can do with this project. So we created several podcasts and got ready for our inaugural broadcast.

We kicked off with a live broadcast hosted by 2 of our 6th formers and they were joined in the studio by 3 of our sports leaders who brilliantly delivered a sports bulletin.

We couldn't have asked for a better start, the students excelled and delivered the show with a professional attitude and have done themselves and the school proud.

The radio project team, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Awan and Mr Doak want to extend a huge thanks to the 6th formers for stepping in to give Beckfoot Thornton Radio a voice, the sports leaders too and all the students who have helped create some fabulous podcasts. A special thanks goes to the guests who featured on the JEEP and National Railway Museum podcasts.

So, Monday 13th May was launch day. Mr Richardson was joined by Mrs Morrissey from the Beckfoot Trust for the official opening of Beckfoot Thornton Radio. They met with the project team and the students who had just delivered the broadcast and Mrs Morrissey got to have a look round the studio. Everyone was also treated to some cake as an extra thanks for their efforts in getting the station up and running.

We are taking the time running up to the summer holidays to develop on ideas and learn our craft so come September, radio will be truly cemented in our culture. We will have a dedicated classroom where the radio studio is to run workshops where students can get involved with all aspects of radio production. So before long, we will have fully student led productions. We hope to have the addition of music from September too, which is very exciting.

Below are some pictures of the launch and studio.