Let’s get on track!

Twenty six students from Year 9 went on buses and trains, to get to and from York Railway Museum.

During the day, they read World Book Day books - meaning their minds could travel whilst they were!

Once at the Railway Museum they participated in two workshops:

Need for speed

Students discovered how they could use their knowledge of forces and magnets to make train travel faster. From the earliest steam engine to ideas of the future, it was a story of innovation and improvement.

Under pressure

Students worked together to solve the problems we face underground and design a strong tunnel. Drawing on links to forces and materials, this interactive show revealed what pressure is, the effects it has and how we can engineer a solution.

They also got to look around the museum and get an idea of the size of these great machines.

Students were a credit to the school and you may see posters up and around stations of them reading whilst waiting at the station (like the image below!) or whilst travelling.

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