Headteacher’s Blog 05/04/2019

I promised to write to you all as soon as we had dealt with the immediate priorities following the incident in school last Friday. I’m pleased to say that our community has quickly recovered from the initial shock that we all felt and a sense of normality has quickly returned, supported by our strong and positive routines.

The immediate response to the incident by staff and students alike was exemplary; our students were calm, sensible and helpful throughout. Our staff worked together as a team to make sure everyone was well looked after. We did our best to keep you informed but I know that there was a period of uncertainty and, amongst other things, messages arrived for different people at different times. In the age of social media we know that we have to be really fast to get you messages before others do and we are working out how to do this rather better should we need to in the future. I am enormously grateful to you for your patience and your feedback about this. Many thanks too if you have checked and updated your contact details. If you still need to do this, please email: office@beckfootthornton.org 

We all want our children to be safe and happy at school and I am writing to you now to outline some of the things we will be doing. We are enhancing our morning welcome to students. Every morning, each year group enters the building through an assigned door and is greeted by two members of the year team, who know the students well. They check uniform, punctuality and, how students are feeling. These members of staff are there to intervene if they feel any of our students are not in the right frame of mind for school on that day.

After the holiday, we will launch a campaign in assemblies and tutor time: “Speak up, speak out, keep everyone safe.” Our aim is to further strengthen and reinforce our culture, which is that: “we all look out for each other”. Our students know there is always an adult they can speak to about concerns they have and this includes concerns about the conduct of other students.

Our community at Beckfoot Thornton will continue on the journey to becoming a great school and a remarkable learning environment, where our students feel happy, are safe and achieve well. With your support we have already made fantastic progress. Students and staff alike are increasingly proud of their school and what it stands for and we hope you are too.

Lastly, I have spoken to a good number of parents this week and if you would like to see me about anything, please do call so we can arrange to meet.

With many thanks for your many messages of support.

Mr Richardson, Headteacher

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