Year 7 Junior Engineering Engagement Programme

Students took part in the second of four sessions called the Junior Engineering Engagement Programme (J.E.E.P) just before the Easter break. The project is known as J.E.E.P for short and is run by the Transformation Trust (England) (TT) in partnership with ABM UK. They completed various experiments all relating to energy, motors and magnets. They had to show great resilience as they came across many barriers before success!

Here are a few clips from the work book they completed during the session.

Year 7 students certainly worked on their problem solving and resilience skills as they worked in teams to achieve some great outcomes. I particularly enjoyed watched the bugs they made scuttling across the tables.

The J.E.E.P aims to change perceptions of the facilities management industry and show students what a career in facilities management and engineering looks like – opening their eyes to the variety of paths available to them.

The pictures below show students enjoying, engaging and succeeding in some of the tasks given to them:

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