Exams are coming!

Next week marks the start of the Y11 and Y13 external exams, and it has been great to see the amount of dedication and focus the students have been putting in to lessons to ensure that they are fully prepared.

Over 7000 GCSEPods have been watched, hundreds of period 6 sessions have been attended, walking talking mocks have been taken by lots of our students and many still attend our Saturday school which is continuing to run through the exam period.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in encouraging your child to revise at out of school hours.

We know that this period of time can be both extremely stressful and tiring for your child, and you will want to support them at home as much as you can. Things you can do to help prepare them could include:

  • Keep an exam timetable somewhere where you can all see it – remind them of key exams and the importance of being on time every day, as well as use it to plan for revision
  • Talk to them about how the day and exams have gone, but focus on the next day rather than looking back on what could have been done
  • Make sure that they are organised for the next day with the right equipment for each exam
  • Make sure that they get a balance between revising and having a break
  • Sleep is key – plenty of sleep is important so help them get in to a routine of not using technology 30 minutes before they go to bed
  • If they are not fasting, make sure that they are eating correctly and drinking lots of water. If they have decided to fast, that they are carefully planning for this

    We look forward to seeing the impact of all of this hard work and preparation on 15th August for Y13 students and 22nd August for Y11 students.

Mrs Trusselle

Deputy Headteacher

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