Junior Engineering Engagement Project

Students took part in the final of four sessions called the Junior Engineering Engagement Programme (J.E.E.P) in June. The project is known as J.E.E.P for short and is run by the Transformation Trust (England) (TT) in partnership with ABM UK. In this session they had to present their energy saving or recycling ideas to the Head of our school.

These are just some of the presentation boards created by some of the groups:

Year 7 students had certainly worked hard on their projects, some even brought in prototypes of their ideas with them that they had created at home!

During the presentation, students outlined the issue that they had identified and their idea to solve it. They needed to state ways in which they would overcome problems like layout, costings, waste and explain how they would monitor the effectiveness of their design.

Students really shone during the presentations and I was really proud to see them speaking loudly, clearly and with confidence. It was clear that a lot of work had gone into getting ready to present and the team work was fantastic.

The pictures below show students receiving their certificates:

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