Newcastle University workshops

Our highest achievers in mathematics were able to experience university style lecture and workshops last week.


Students delved into many 4 separate workshops:

  • forensic psychology

An overview of forensic psychology, offender profiling psychopathy and eyewitness testimony.

  • renewable energy sources

A debate on the positive and negative aspects of renewable energy, particularly in the form of wind turbines. The students were set the task of incorporating various factors to decide where to build a wind farm. It was a great activity for building teamwork and debating skills as well as picking up knowledge on a very current STEM issue.

  • 24 hours in A&E

Students played the role of a doctor in A&E, discussing how they would treat different patients who come in over 24 hours.

  • zombie apocalypse!

Zombie Apocalypse! is a scenario-based activity in which the students carried out a range of STEM activities to survive a deadly virus that is turning humans into zombies. Students made a plan to survive by building a shelter, deciphering coded messages and navigating a route to safety. This workshop was designed as an enrichment event and encompasses concepts of science, maths and engineering

As you can tell they were very busy for the day. Below are some photos:


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