Brilliant Club Graduation

Marvellous, fantastic……BRILLIANT!

All twelve of our Year 9 Brilliant Club graduated at Leeds University this July. They had worked hard on a project entitled “would stars float in the bath?”. There was some very high level maths involved and they all showed a lot of resilience and determination to gain enough marks to pass. Some students even gained “firsts” in their assignments….the highest possible grade!

Here they are outside the Parkinson Building in Leeds:

From there they received an IAC lecture (Information, Advice and Guidance) in one of the many lecture theatres:

Next on the schedule was a delicious meal from the very fancy canteen before a tour of the university. The campus was very big with many, many buildings. The old library was particularly beautiful. Here are some photos from the tour:

Finally, students received their certificates in a graduation ceremony, even getting to wear the hats! Three of our students presented an overview of the project and described the skills they had used and developed when completing it – our school was the only one that had students confident enough to present! I was a very proud teacher!

Mrs Beavers



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