The Rock Assembly

Yes, it was as cool as it sounds!

At 6 o'clock one Thursday morning, when most other students were asleep, fifty four Beckfoot Thornton students from Years 9-11 started their journey to the Wembley Arena.

There they were greeted by thousands of students from across the country. The main theme of this years' Rock Assembly was "Think Big".

Prior to the Rock Assembly, we had a look around the many stalls that made up the careers event. Ten students went to an NHS workshop where activities included resuscitation, viewing bed sores and talking about mental health.

After a quick lunch, we headed inside. First up was Razorlight, performing their best known songs. Following them were Dixon's Brothers, Chip, July 7, Alicia and others.

Finally, Professor Green took to the stage - what a fantastic performance!

Six hours later, we arrived back at school. What a day! Students are already asking when it's happening again!

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