Headteacher’s Blog 28/11/2019

Hello and welcome to my blog.

What a dark and wet week we have had!
The weather may have been miserable, but it certainly hasn't dampened the spirits of our students.
This week, Year 13 students have finished their mock exams. They have all worked really hard and as always, approached their exams with a positive, can-do attitude.
Year 13 students also celebrated passing their progression module, by attending a prestigious award ceremony at Huddersfield University yesterday. Everyone had a great time!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful phone call from a member of the public.
The caller had phoned to commend the brave actions of two of our students, Jake in Year 10 and Shaine in Year 9.
Yesterday, after school, both boys had been out and about on their bikes and had witnessed a gentleman become unwell very quickly.
I am proud to say that Jake and Shaine, without hesitation, went to the mans aid. They sought help from a nearby pharmacy, called 999 and provided reassurance and a friendly face to the man who was very distressed.
Jake and Shaine have no-doubt greatly contributed to saving the gentlemans life. We found out today that he suffers with a heart condition.

I have today spoken to both Shaine and Jake and they have been rewarded for their contribution to the community.

Mr Richardson

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