Headteacher’s Blog 24/01/2020

Hello and welcome to my blog.

We have had another brilliant week here at Beckfoot Thornton.

On Tuesday, 64 of our Year 9 students had the opportunity to explore job opportunities by working with KPMG during their drop-down day. Students looked at some of KPMG's client briefs, and competed against each other to find solutions to a problem posed by using current, or future technologies. It was a great experience and helped students build their confidence by presenting their findings to a large group of their peers.

Yesterday, 120 of our Year 8 students engaged in an Enterprise Challenge. Students had to work in groups to organise and plan their own festival! As part of their planning, students had to work to a budget and call the agent of a fictional celebrity, to negotiate a good price for them to headline at their festival. Each group then had to present their ideas to 6 businesses that made up the judging panel, including the price they had bartered the agent down to for the "celebrity" to headline. It was a fantastic day and students really impressed!

Looking to next week, Year 11 student will be involved in a revision drop-down day all day on Wednesday, where they will practice revision skills that they already have, as well as learning new strategies to help them even further.

Mr Richardson

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