Headteacher’s Blog 06/03/2020

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Year 11 students have now finished their mock exams. Phew, what a relief! There are now only 34 school days to go until the real ones start.

Yesterday, some of our Year 9 students performed at the Great Big Dance Off in Halifax. Mrs Parkinson said that the girls were amazing! The dance was created by Armelle and was inspired by the game of Cluedo.
They used the music “Murder on the dance floor” to bring alive the dance idea. The girls performed with confidence and competed strongly against the other 17 schools in the competition. Very well done to Lily, Casey, Charley, Holly, Serish, Caitlin, Grace, Armelle, Liana, Sophie, Olivia, Corinne, Lacey and Chelbi. Fantastic work!

We continue to follow advice from the Department of Education about keeping safe from the Coronavirus, and will keep you updated via the website and MyEd.

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Mr Richardson

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