Headteacher’s Blog 13/03/2020

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Lots to tell you this week! It has been another great week here at Beckfoot Thornton.

Our Year 12 students successfully completed their work experience last week and are now back to normality! Well done everyone.
On Wednesday, our Year 10 students had their mock interviews with a range of real businesses. Students were nervous before the interviews but really impressed on the day, demonstrating that they are indeed confident communicators!
It was a great day which allowed our students to meet professionals, learn the importance of their education and to be able to start thinking about their future.

Next week is jam-packed too, with lots of interesting events for our students to sink their teeth in to.
I can't wait to meet up with our Year 8 and Year 9 girls football players on Monday. The girls have finished 3rd in the Bradford North Girls Football Festival, which has been held over the last three weeks. Very well done to Soleil, Arissa, Hollie, Megan, Jaspreet, Simran, Zara and Ella!

On Monday, we are really looking forward to having Great War Workshops coming in to school, to speak to our Year 9 History students about Medicine on the Western Front.
Year 9 will also be working with Barclays Life Skills on Tuesday. The aim of which is to get students to think about their current skills, and what they need to do in the future, in order to make a positive transition between school and work.

On Thursday, some of our Year 8 students will be attending a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) event all day. More to follow next week. Thursday is also when we will be welcoming families of our Year 9 students, for our parents' evening. I hope that as many families as possible can attend.

We know you will be concerned about the issues raised by the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19). We continue to follow the Government's guidance on taking appropriate steps to limit the impact on our school communities. As we formally move into the 'Delay' phase the advice is to continue to keep our schools open. The main important change is the new 'Stay at Home Guidance'


If a pupil has a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature they should stay at home for seven days and follow this guidance. If a pupil feels feels unwell whilst at school they should let Mrs Kendall, Student Medical Hub Co-ordinator know straight away.

If you have any concerns at all you should look at all the published Governmental advice online. If you are still concerned or need medical assistance, consult your GP's surgery by phone or ring the NHS 111 service.

We will keep you updated via the website, MyEd, Twitter and Facebook.

If you haven't already got the MyEd app, please download it from your app store.

Mr Richardson

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