Coronavirus – An update from David Horn, CEO Beckfoot Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sure like me you watched the Prime Minister’s statement last night, 10th May. He said that as part of careful steps to modify some lockdown restrictions, it may be possible to begin the phased reintroduction of primary aged pupils beginning with Nursery (early years), Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, from June 1st. He also said that there is an ambition that secondary pupils facing exams next year will get at least some time with their teachers before the holidays.

The Prime Minister stressed the ‘conditional’ nature of this intention.

This afternoon, 11th May, the Government issued further detail in the paper entitled ‘Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery Strategy’. We are assessing that guidance carefully. Further DfE school specific guidance will be issued later today which we will also consider.

As a Trust, we are very keen to see our schools opening again to all our children. Like all schools and Trusts across the country we will only do so when we are convinced that we can manage the reintegration of children and staff safely. We will not open any of our schools further until we have this confidence. There is guidance coming through nationally in the form of a decision-making framework that will allow the Trust to make these critically important decisions logically. We will keep you notified of where we have got to in that process.

In the meantime, our schools remain closed for all, other than the children of key workers and our most vulnerable. Our staff continue to be instructed to work from home unless they are required to be in school to run the buildings and care for the children. We will continue to send work home, ensure that those children entitled to Free School meals get their vouchers and keep in touch with children who we need to be sure are safe.

Thank you as ever for your amazing support to our school leaders during this time.

David Horn

CEO Beckfoot Trust

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