Further Information on Wider Opening 11th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

As you will already know we have made the decision to open all of our schools more widely. This decision was made by myself with the support of each school headteacher. Your own school has been in touch with you with the details of when school will open more widely and for which pupils.
We have been through a detailed process and want to assure you again that the decisions on wider opening of our schools was well considered. We followed government and local authority guidance. We identified 5 tests for our schools, see below, and each of these was met.

1. Is there a satisfactory and agreed risk assessment in place for the school?
2. The plans in place to ensure the safety of pupils?
3. The plans in place to ensure the safety of staff?
4. The readiness of the site to welcome back pupils and staff?
5. Confidence that the plan is sustainable?

Our Board of Directors were satisfied by the process and agreed that our schools should open more widely.
Each school’s circumstances are unique and in particular their buildings differ, so each school completes their own specific Risk Assessment. Risk Assessments are technical, health and safety based exercises that identify any risks of harm (Coronavirus) we can foresee and plan as many ways as possible to reduce that risk.

They are compiled by staff and we have consulted widely about their content and specifically with teaching and support staff and union colleagues. Everyone is satisfied that the new procedures we have developed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in school have been well thought through and we will develop them as we find out how parents, staff and pupils get on with the new way of enjoying the school day. It is important to understand that some risks will always remain high. You can see the Risk Assessment for your school here: THO Risk Assessment Covid 19 reopening 8-6-20.

Whilst acknowledging that school will feel far from typical for the foreseeable future, we are very excited to welcome back pupils once again.
Our schools will continue to provide high quality remote learning provision for pupils unable to attend school. We are planning collectively, the next phase in our remote learning strategy and will do so in line with the government guidance we receive.

Secondary Headteachers will be in contact with parents about exam result arrangements and transition arrangements into Year 7, 6th Form, Higher Education and other career pathways.

For further information, please contact your school in the usual way or Beckfoot Trust by emailing BeckfootTrust@beckfoot.org

Yours sincerely
David Horn
CEO Beckfoot Trust

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