Headteacher’s Blog 02/10/2020

Welcome to my blog.
Our fabulous new knowledge organisers are now in all students' equipment packs. These are an exciting and essential learning tool to help your child be a knowledgeable and expert learner.

They can also be found under the Curriculum tab on the school website. Please check them out.

They contain all the essential facts that each student needs to know this half term in all their subjects. We are confident that these will help our children to know more and do more.

The most important thing is to have fun with them - quiz yourself, tell someone what you know, look/cover/write/check, make up songs, design posters, mindmap but most of all LEARN.

Yesterday, I met with two Year 7 students (socially distanced of course!), Tyler and Louie. Both boys are footballers and have been chosen to represent Bradford in the U12 category. As this is a great achievement, I had to meet them both. Very well done boys!

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of awarding a Headteacher Award to one of our very conscientious Year 8 students, Liam. Liam showed a huge amount of awareness of how to keep safe from COVID 19 and demonstrated how responsible and mature he can be. Well done Liam…I hand a maximum of five of these prestigious awards out each year!

Finally, huge congratulations to our Brilliant Club graduates who have worked so hard for the last year, in really difficult times. You have set the bar very high for the next cohort!

Have a lovely weekend.

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