Headteacher’s Blog 15/01/2021

Hello and welcome to my blog.

That pesky snow!

It was with regret that we unfortunately had to close the school on Thursday and Friday this week, due to inclement weather. The safety of our students and staff will always be our priority.

I would like to extend my thanks to all students that have been working so hard, remotely this week. The level of engagement is great! I have attached some examples of the fantastic work we have been seeing this week.

I would like to announce a fantastic initiative that has been launched by Mr Bhatti from the English Department. At Beckfoot Thornton, we appreciate the enormous benefits that reading can have and to support our Year 7 and 8 students with their remote learning, Mr Bhatti has started reading a book called ‘Seven Ghosts’ by Chris Priestley. A chapter will be read every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the videos will be shared both on Show My Homework and through the Year 7 and 8 Learning Dashboard.

There will also be a special guest appearance from myself very soon! So please stay updated with this wonderful initiative!

On Tuesday next week, we will be having our first remote assembly, via Microsoft Teams. This is something I am really looking forward to! The assembly will be presented by our new Assistant Headteacher and Head of Maths, Ms Lewis.

On Wednesday and Thursday next week, our Year 11 students will be involved in an exciting remote careers event called 'Employable Me'.

The event will allow students to look at what they think their unique selling point is, how to find their dream job, CV's and cover letters, interview skills, and how their digital footprint matters. It should be great!

Yesterday, we sent a message to parents and carers about parental consent that we require by Monday 18th January. Please take a look at the message below and fill in the form. Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.

'We are constantly looking to develop the remote learning we can provide for our students. Now our students are establishing how to use Teams, access pre-recorded lessons consistently and submit work, we will start to introduce live elements. 

Starting next week, students will be invited to a whole school assembly every Wednesday at 8.20am.  Next week the topic is kindness during lockdown. We will also introduce live subject clinics for Year 11 students in their core lessons (English, maths and Science). These will take place during one lesson a week per subject and teachers will inform their students when this session is, via Teams. Clinics will take place for the first 30 minutes of the lesson. For the remainder of the lesson, students will be expected to work independently.  
It is essential that we receive parental consent for these sessions. Live clinics will be recorded for safeguarding and teaching and learning purposes.  Unfortunately, if you do not consent, your child will be unable to join the session.  

If you have already consented for your child to attend the live maths catch-up sessions (with Mr Allsopp) you do not need to consent again. Please complete the consent form by clicking on this link:  

Please complete this form ASAP, and before Monday the 18th January at 8am. 

For all lessons please ensure: 


    • Cameras are switched off throughout the session. Microphones are switched off  unless invited to speak by the teacher. Students are more than welcome to ask their teacher questions in the chat. As a reminder, all chat should be as per a normal classroom environment. 

    • Your child waits patiently for their teacher to join, at which point a register will be taken. 

    • These lessons, including conversations and any messages sent by students, will be recorded and stored securely for safeguarding purposes and in order that your child can look back over the lesson at a later date should they wish to. 

    • Your child continues to complete their Home Learning assignments as usual through Microsoft Teams. 


Behaviour expectations during remote learning 

We continue to have high expectations for all our students. We will follow our behaviour policy for any incidents of unacceptable behaviour during live subject clinics. This includes: 

  • using the chat function for social purposes 

  • unmuting yourself for inappropriate comments 

  • disrupting the learning taking place 

  • other behaviours not conducive to learning 

After 3 warnings for low level incidents, your child will be removed from the session and the teacher will contact you to discuss unacceptable behaviour. For any serious incidents, your child will be removed immediately.  Serious breaches of the behaviour policy will result in a fixed term exclusion or permanent exclusion, in line with our behaviour policy.  

Please discuss all the above with your child to make sure they understand what is expected of them. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we have rolled out our remote provision. May I also take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for our Blended Learning provision - we really appreciate your feedback. '



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