Headteacher’s Blog 29/01/2021

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This week, I am excited to tell you about all the wonderful remote literacy activities that we have launched at Beckfoot Thornton. We all know the importance of reading and the positive impact it can have. However, we also know how difficult this can be in lockdown where you do not have the usual access to libraries. Here follows some of the ways we are still bringing books to our students.

Books at home: we understand that students are struggling to access physical texts during this lockdown and this week we launched our very own electronic library, known as ePlatform. Students have been given a username and password and now can borrow over a thousand books that they can read at home on a device. Despite only being launched last Monday, this is already proving popular and it is wonderful to witness our students finding an escape through books as well as boosting their own learning. If you need help accessing this, please email library@beckfootthornton.org.

Remote school reader: since we began remote learning, Mr Bhatti and Miss Billingsley have been reading chapters of a book called ‘Seven Ghosts’ by Chris Priestley and uploading them to the school shared drive. So far we are on Chapter 7 and, at the time of writing, we have had well over 1,000 views!  I am also extremely excited to announce that the final chapter of this spooky novel will be brought to you by myself early next week! You can find these on the student dashboards, linked on our school website.

The Spring Reading Challenge: our school librarian, Miss Billingsley, launches the challenges regularly on Show My Homework which has seen some fantastic entries from students. Nine separate challenges have been set for our Year 7 and 8 students. These range from detailed book reviews, students discussing favourite books with their parents and carers, to pictures of students reading with younger brothers and sisters. There will also be a trophy for the class that has the most entries and currently in the lead are 7DR3 and 8EL1!

Over the last week, the Secondary School Conference by the National Literacy Trust has been taking place and a number of talks have been attended by our teaching and associate staff. It is important that we are aware of current research that is taking place around literacy and what we can continue to do, to support our students.

As you can see, despite living in strange times, our remote learning strategy continues to develop weekly and reading forms an important part of this. We sincerely hope that our students continue to find every opportunity they can to keep reading, and particularly, stay tuned for me to read the final part of ‘Seven Ghosts’ next week!

Huge congratulations this week to our Year 11 student Ben, who has signed a scholarship deal with Mansfield Football Academy. We are delighted to see this committed young man and GCSE PE student achieve his dreams, and start to realise his potential!

Well done!

Have a lovely weekend


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