Our people help make our school brilliant. On this page you can find out about the staff from different departments.

Mr J Richardson – Headteacher


Ms K Ashley  – PA to the Headteacher

Mr C Sladdin – Deputy Head

Mrs S Trusselle – Deputy Head

Mr R Coulson – Assistant Head.

Mr A Halliley – Assistant Head

Mrs N Haworth – Assistant Head

Mrs K Kingston – Assistant Head

Miss S Watkins – Human Resources Manager

Mrs L Whitfield – Finance and Estates Manager

Heads of Faculty:

English – Mrs Harris

Maths – Mr Parkinson

Science – Dr Martin

ICT – Mr Chattell

MFL – Mrs Fenwick

PE – Mr Kellett

Year 7

Head of Year: Miss K Smith –

Ext. 1206

Assistant Head of Year: Mrs A Smith –

Ext. 1205

Year 8

Head of Year: Mrs R Beavers –

Ext. 1219

Assistant Head of Year: Mrs K Barraclough –

Ext. 1220

Year 9

Head of Year: Mrs K Hull –

Ext. 5013

Assistant Head of Year: Mrs K Lines –

Ext. 1203

Year 10

Head of Year: Mr S Bhatti –

Ext. 4002

Assistant Head of Year: Mr J Mawson –

Ext. 1214

Year 11

Head of Year: Mrs C Vickerman –

Ext. 3001

Assistant Head of Year: Mrs C Sutcliffe –

Ext. 5009

Post 16

Director of Post 16: Mrs K Kingston –

Ext. 1118

Assistant Director of Post 16: Mr P Dolan –

Ext. 1117