Curriculum Statement

In order that our students enjoy, learn and succeed, our curriculum aims to create Beckfoot Thornton Learners who:

  1. Can communicate confidently

Our curriculum provides planned opportunities for all students to improve their ability to articulate their views and ideas in a confident and fluent manner, through what they say; what they read; what they write and what they create. Through this our students develop in both self-belief and confidence in their ability to communicate in a variety of settings.

  1. Become knowledgeable and experienced learners

Our curriculum provides opportunities for all students, regardless of their starting points, to develop the tools needed to learn and acquire both knowledge and skills. Through carefully sequenced learning, students’ resilience grows as they become increasingly independent and proactive learners, who are empowered to succeed.

  1. Are committed community contributors

Our curriculum provides opportunities to enhance the cultural, creative and technological capital of all our students so that they can all make personal contributions in the wider community. They are proud of their school; understand the world around them. They develop personal skills as well as leadership attributes in order to make a positive contribution.

  1. See the future and are ready for it

Our curriculum provides the opportunities, qualifications and aspirations, so that our students are able to make informed choices at each milestone. They are knowledgeable and have high aspirations for their own success so that they can thrive within a 21st century world. Our students are supported to develop the skills to face uncertainty in new situations, and the resilience to persevere when faced with new challenges.

Life studying at Beckfoot Thornton

Our students have 25 hours of learning a week, plus additional time with their form tutor to work on our personal development program including Votes for Schools. To further enhance this we also run “drop down days” when we suspend our usual curriculum for the day to focus on further development of personal development, including religion, philosophy and ethics, career development and other personal social health and citizenship education topics. All students are encouraged to get involved in enrichment activities and student leadership. We also offer a designated specialist provision for students identified with moderate or severe learning difficulties as primary need and an in house alternative provision.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8 enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and resilience needed to succeed at the next milestone. We work in partnership with our primary colleagues to ensure that your child builds on the excellent learning that they have done in year 5 and 6.

All students study the breadth of the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum including the following subjects: English, mathematics, science, PE, ICT or computer science, a modern foreign language, geography, history, music, a range of technology disciplines, engineering, textiles and art. We also provide tailored support to for those students who have not yet developed their literacy skills to communicate confidently, including a nurture provision program for those students who need additional social and emotional support to access learning.

Key Stage 4

Students are supported to become increasingly independent and proactive learners in preparation for their exams in Year 11 and their next steps. Our four guided routes offer a broad range of choices for all students to combine academic and vocational approaches, individually tailored to support them in their future aspirations as well as provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

Students study the following subjects: English, mathematics, science (either as a qualification where 2 GCSEs are gained or as 3 separate science – biology, chemistry and physics and PE. Other subjects offered include: business studies, resistant materials, engineering, art, photography, music, computer science, geography, history, religious studies, health and fitness, hospitality, French, German, ASDAN, media, dance or iMedia.

Sixth Form

Students are offered a wide choice of Level 3 subjects including A-Levels and BTECs, alongside a range of enrichment and leadership opportunities, with high quality guidance. They are encouraged, challenged and stretched so that all our sixth form students are aspirational about their success, and supported to achieve it.