Curriculum Statement

Beckfoot Thornton Curriculum 2018-2019

The school follows a one week timetable of 25 hours a week. The day also includes a 20 minute registration period at the beginning of the day. There is one 20 minute morning break and a lunch break of 30 minutes.
Years 7 & 8
Year groups are split in halves of equal size and ability. All students study the following subjects
• English
• Maths
• Science
• History
• Geography
• French or German
• Music
• PE
• Design & Technology
The following subjects are blocked on the timetable together, meaning the students are in the same groups:
• English, Languages, Geography, History and Music
• Science & ICT
• Art and Design & Technology

Some students have additional English lessons within the timetabled week instead of a foreign language.
All students in Years 7 and 8 take part in the Accelerated Reading programme and are expected to have ‘a book in their bag’ at all times. They are encouraged to read for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and have regular reading tests.
Years 9-11
Year groups are split into halves of equal size and ability for English, Maths, Science and core PE. These subjects are then set by ability. For their option subjects they are in mixed ability groupings.
All students study the following subjects:
• English Language
• English Literature
• Maths
• A dual science qualification that counts as 2 GCSEs. The two top sets study Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately, leading to 3 GCSEs.
• Core PE

They choose 3 options subjects from the following offer:
• GCSE Computer Science
• GCSE History
• GCSE Geography
• GCSE French
• GCSE German
• GCSE Art
• GCSE Business studies
• GCSE Dance
• GCSE Design and Technology through Product design.
• GCSE Food & Nutrition
• GCSE Media Studies
• GCSE Music
• GCSE Photography
• BTEC Business Studies
• BTEC Engineering
• BTEC Sport
• Certificate In Digital Applications (CIDA)

In order to ensure students are on the pathway that maximises their chances of success in their area of interest, Year 8 students carry out a Personalised Pathways programme in December and January. This culminates in you and your child, with the guidance and support of all of us, selecting which examination courses they would like to follow from Years 9-11. Students will be assigned an options pathway at the end of year 8 based on their progress to date.
This process is continued in Year 11 where students take part in a targeted careers day as well as receiving one to one interviews to help with their post 16 choices.
We keep a close eye on student goals and aspirations by holding careers surveys in year 9 and 10 to ensure students remain on track to achieve their full potential.