Hello and Welcome

(L-R, Mr Shahid, Mrs Lines, Mrs Vickerman)

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our Year 10 students and families.  We are now one year into the GCSE programme, and we are delighted with how our students are responding to the rigours of the new GCSEs.  We are proud to lead a group of such talented individuals.  We strongly encourage our students to seize every opportunity offered to them.  The hard work they put in now, will ensure that they achieve the very best results in 2020.  From experience, this time will fly by!


We have a fantastic team in Year 10 to help support your child.


Associate Assistant Headteacher (KS4 achievement / Support and Challenge Manager Y10) –

Mrs Vickerman (cmv@beckfootthronton.org)


Assistant Support and Challenge Manager – Mrs K Lines (kls@beckfootthornton.org)


Behaviour Worker – Mr Hamaad Shahid (has@beckfootthornton.org)




10DR1                   Mrs Shah (iss@beckfootthornton.org)

10DR2                   Mrs Sanderson (lsa@beckfootthornton.org)

10EL1                     Mr Baker (pjb@beckfootthornton.org)

10EL2                     Mr Warwick (idw@beckfootthornton.org)

10SA1                    Mrs Ballantyne (rlb@beckfootthornton.org)

10SA2                    Ms Mitchell (jlm@beckfootthornton.org)

10SA3                    Mr Athwal (hsa@beckfootthornton.org)

10SU1                   Mrs Cairns (vec@beckfootthornton.org)

10SU2                   Mr Joyce (arj@beckfootthornton.org)

10SU3                   Dr Martin (vjm@beckfootthornton.org)


How can you help your child this year?

  • Attendance

Please ensure your child attends school every day.  Research clearly shows that attainment (what they achieve in the GCSEs) is affected by attendance.  It is essential that your child’s attendance does not fall below 97% to ensure they achieve the very best they can in 2020.  We will not authorise any term time holidays.

  • Ensure they are properly equipped

Please ensure your child attends school with the correct equipment (blue or black pens, pencil, ruler, rubber, green pen, red pen, scientific calculator).

  • SAM Learning

Your child will be given a login to access SAM Learning.  This is a fantastic revision site so please encourage your child to access it regularly.


Key dates this term:

Thursday 27th September - Open Evening at school – a great opportunity for students to be guides or subject ambassadors whilst Year 6 children and their Parents/Carers look around school. Look out for more information on the electronic notice boards or let your subject teacher know you are willing to help.

 W/C 8th October – Year 10 assessment week

Thursday 18th October – Year 10 Preparing for Success Evening (6pm-7.30pm)

Friday 19th October – Last day of term

Thursday 1st November – Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Friday 23rd November – Training Day

Tuesday 18th December – Christmas Show

Thursday 20th December – Last day of term