Hello and Welcome

(L-R, Mrs Hull, Mrs Smith, Mr Halafihi)

What a fantastic start we have had to Year 8!
As a year group, we have been awarded 6380 Achievement Points and seen some fantastic attendance.
We have celebrated many sporting achievements and many of our students have taken part in extra-curricular activities at Doe Park. During these sessions, students have been involved in learning how to kayak, raft build and dragon boat; along with conquering fears on the high ropes course.

Many of our students have been involved in student leadership activities including Year 6 Open Evening, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and acting as Student Monitors.

There are many afterschool activities going on including various sports clubs and getting involved in the Christmas Show via the Music Department and we would encourage all students to get involved in an extra-curricular activity to increase their enjoyment in school.


3 Steps to Success

As a year team, we firmly believe there are some simple steps to help ensure your child maximises their potential.

  1. Attendance

Be in school every single day

It is essential your child’s attendance does not fall below 97%. Research shows that attendance above 97% gives them a significantly better chance of attaining higher grades at GCSE.

  1. Homework

SAM Learning

We want your child to be extending their learning beyond the classroom. Maths, English and Science homework is set every week and we expect every student to complete this homework. A range of other activities in different subjects can also be found on SAM learning.

  1. Equipment

Please ensure your child attends school with the correct equipment every day (blue or black pens, pencil, ruler, rubber, green and red pen, scientific calculator, planner and reading book). When timetabled, they also need their cooking ingredients and PE kit.

Year 8 – Student Leadership

First Give

On Thursday18th October, an introduction to an exciting new project, First Give, will be delivered to all Yr.8 students and they will be involved with this project for the rest of this academic year. The project aims to

·         Ignite a spark of social conscience in young people
·         Develop key professional skills in young people such as:  teamwork; research; public speaking and leadership
·         Build a culture of giving in future generations
·         Grow the commitment of charities to engage with young people for the good of the sector as a whole


At the end of the project, the winning project will win £1000 for their chosen charity


Further details about the project can be found by following this link http://firstgive.co.uk/


Year 8 – Extra-curricular Sport

Next half term’s activities are as follows


* Netball – MUGA/ Sports Hall – FNG/RLB

* Girls football – ASTRO – Ext. Coach/ CMK


* Boys Rugby – Field – JSF

* Girls Rugby – Field – Ext. Coach/ FNG


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our high expectations for uniform and appearance. Whilst the majority of our students consistently meet all expectations and wear their uniform with pride, please work with us to ensure that the whole year group are correctly attired, particularly shoes.

Half Term Holidays

We break up on Friday 19th October for half term and return on Monday 29th October.

After a long seven weeks of working extremely hard, enjoy your half term break but be smart and stay safe.

Following last week's assembly by West Yorkshire Police, please re-iterate the Firework Code to your child so that they can enjoy the lead up to a safe Bonfire Night.