Hello and Welcome


(L-R, Mr Walmsley, Mrs Barraclough, Mrs Beavers)

The sun is shining and this half term has been very enjoyable so far.

Parents evening is next week – 23rd May. It runs from 4pm to 7pm and you can make appointments using the link on the school website:

On the evening we ask you to come 10 minutes early for your appointment so you can fill in a questionnaire for us. We would be very grateful to you for finding the time to do this.

On the evening you will be able to pick up your child’s report before heading up to see the teachers that you have selected appointments for.

We really need all parents to have the MyEd app downloaded on their smart phones. This will allow us to communicate more efficiently with parents, we just need to get the majority of parents on the app before we can use its full potential so please go onto your phones and download it now! (the priority 1 parent/carer from sims will be the one that can download and access the app for the student). The app allows you to receive messages from school but also keep a check on achievement and behaviour points received by your child and their attendance, broken down lesson by lesson.

The year 9 lego Club is growing in strength and numbers. Some Year 7 students have already been awarded badges for commitment to the Club and recently we have had a surge in numbers. Our lego leader Finlay is facilitating the time well but may need more helpers soon!

In June we have the Transformation Trust bring KPMG into school. They will work with 140 of our students to explore the latest technology that is transforming the way businesses solve their everyday problems. The KPMG Work Ready Hackathon offers the opportunity for two groups of students to explore the latest technology that is transforming the way businesses solve their everyday problems.

Thank you for reading!

Key dates and staff information can be found below.

Mrs R Beavers

Year 9 Support and Challenge Manager


Key dates this term:

23rd May Year 9 Parents’ Evening

17th and 18th June Year 9 KPMG drop down day for selected classes

11th July Rock Assembly London (60 Yr 9 students TBC)

19th July Sports Day


Year 9 Team:

Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs R Beavers (RYB@beckfootthornton.org)

Assistant Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs K Barraclough (KNB@beckfootthornton.org)

Behaviour Worker – Mr Walmsley (IWA@beckfootthornton.org)


9DR1           R Duchovny (RND@beckfootthornton.org)

9DR2          K Sykes (KYS@beckfootthornton.org)

9DR3          P Fantom (PEF@beckfootthornton.org)

9EL1           A Shah (AHS@beckfootthornton.org)

9EL2           G Walker (GLW@beckfootthornton.org)

9EL3           S Buddle (SJB@beckfootthornton.org) and E Linacre (EAL@beckfootthornton.org)

9SA1          P Garside (PAG@beckfootthornton.org)

9SA2          J Smallwood (JUS@beckfootthornton.org) and K Parkin (KEP@beckfootthornton.org)

9SU1          K Sykes (KES@beckfootthornton.org)

9SU2          I Degha (ILD@beckfootthornton.org)