Hello and Welcome

Hello Year 9 students, Parents/Carers.


Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! We have already been back at school for over 2 weeks and I’m pleased to announce that Year 9 have had a fantastic start. Students in the year group are looking very smart, are keen to show off their talents in their lessons and maintain 100% attendance at school.


It has been lovely to hear about the things our students have been up to in the Summer Holidays, some have enjoyed improving their cooking skills, some have gone on holiday and lots have taken part in various fun activities.


Many students continue doing activities during term time like out of school dance, drama, sports clubs or have trips to the cinema, bowling, roller skating etc.


However, we are hoping that some students can find the time to help us show potential students and their parents/carers round during our Open Evening on 27th September. We only have a certain number of spaces available for this role and some invitation letters have already gone out to certain tutor groups that are trialling PixLEDGE for us (more news to follow on this soon!). I am confident that Year 9 student will make a very positive impact on the visitor experiences during the evening.


It is also time for me to tell you a little more about the Barclays Life Skills drop down days we will be having soon.


On Tuesday 2nd October Bronte will be off timetable to do this and on Wednesday 3rd October Hockney will.


During the day students will attend 5 different workshops that will each look at one of the following focuses:

  • Overcoming challenges
  • Thinking confidently
  • Workplace behaviour
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication and body language.


It is such a relevant set of focusses for students to learn from and develop as they continue at school and beyond into their workplaces. I hope they take the opportunity and push themselves positively during the day.


Other key dates and staff information for the year group can be found below.



In the first Year 9 website blurb I wrote the following:


“This academic year is hugely important in terms of progress and achievement: Option subjects have already been started in June and for some of you these may have been subjects you have never done before. The outcome of your hard work for these next three years will stay with you for the rest of your lives and increase the range of choices available to you after you leave Beckfoot Thornton and further into the future. This year, my focus is on ensuring the year group are aiming high.”


“I am proud to be the Head of such a fantastic, multi-talented and lively year group and we have so much to look forward to.”


“This year will be a tough year at times with the pressure of an added work load and new social and professional relationships.  There may be times when things get difficult, where challenges are tough, when friendships break down or other difficulties arise. Stay calm; I, along with Mrs Barraclough, Mr Walmsley and your fantastic tutors, am here to support through these challenges. School staff, along with students, parents and carers will always work as a team to support each other and every student.”


“There are so many opportunities available to you here at Beckfoot Thornton; a big focus of mine over the coming year will be to help you identify these opportunities and develop the confidence and courage to go for them.  Our electronic bulletin board will identify clubs, trips and opportunities available daily – these are a fantastic way of meeting new people and gaining new experiences.  Beckfoot Thornton encourages students to develop themselves not only as academic students but as well-rounded, enthusiastic and inspired individuals.  With reference to our school motto, ‘Enjoy Learn Succeed’, I would encourage you to sign up and get involved in as much as possible.”


“The Class of 2021 aim to hit the highest standards across all facets of school life.  This year we look to build on the standards we set last year and to improve even further.  From wearing our uniform with pride, to ensuring we meet the highest standards of behaviour to enable ourselves and those around us to get the best from our lessons.  Whilst it was a privilege to meet and work with such a great year group last year, I can’t wait to see just what they can deliver in Year 9!”


Mrs R Beavers

Year 9 Support and Challenge Manager


Key dates this term:


27th September (Thursday)  Open Evening at school – a great opportunity for students to be guides or subject ambassadors whilst Year 6 children and their Parents/Carers look around school.


2nd October (Tuesday) Bronte students will be having a day off timetable to take part in 5 workshops run by an external group together with Barclays Bank staff.


3rd October (Wednesday) Hockney students will be having a day off timetable to take part in 5 workshops run by an external group together with Barclays Bank staff.



19th October (Friday) Last day of term. Enjoy October half term week!


29th October (Monday) Back to school today


23rd November (Friday) Training Day so Year 9 have the day off!


18th December (Tuesday) Christmas show. Year 9 students have always performed brilliantly at these events. Make sure you either sign up to do an act or get tickets to come and see it – it is well worth it!


20th December (Thursday) Last day of term. No time to relax though as Year 9 assessments start on the 14th January so revision timetables need drawing up and sticking to….make sure you build in a lot of time for fun and relaxing as well!


Year 9 Team:


Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs R Beavers (RYB@beckfootthornton.org)


Assistant Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs K Barraclough (KNB@beckfootthornton.org)


Behaviour Worker – Mr Walmsley (IWA@beckfootthornton.org)



9DR1           R Duchovny (RND)

9DR2          K Sykes (KYS)

9DR3          R Pattinson (RAP)

9EL1           A Shah (AHS)

9EL2           G Walker (GLW)

9EL3           S Buddle (SJB) and E Linacre (EL)

9SA1          P Garside (PAG)

9SA2          J Smallwood (JUS) and K Parkin (KEP)

9SU1          K Sykes (KES)

9SU2          I Degha (ILD)