Hello and Welcome

(L-R, Mr Walmsley, Mrs Barraclough, Mrs Beavers)

The Christmas break is just a distant memory already and we are looking forward to a very busy term.

It starts with the Year 9 assessment week where students will sit various tests in all their subjects. These will be in classrooms during normal lesson and will be in strict test conditions. Results will then be fed back to students after a short period of time in which they will be marked and analysed by departments.

During January all year 9 students will receive a one-hour workshop in one for their maths lessons. During the workshops the Money Charity will deliver thought provoking information and tasks encouraging students to think about money, budgeting and saving. The aim is to open students’ eyes to the money commitments you have as an adult and how education and job choices can influence life choices in later life.

Although Christmas is a distant memory, the fun we had at Buckden House in December is still fresh in my mind. The photos from both weeks are available for you to look at, a massive thank you to all parents for ensuring the correct permissions for their children were given which has enabled us to put them on here for everyone to see (see the Year 9 tab). I have also put week 1 photos in a photobook that the children will be able to look at in our office.

Here are some photos from the second week:

Please don’t forget that students should be going on Sam Learning daily and that the Year 9 assessment week is just after the Christmas break. If you are unaware of the process for Sam Learning or your child is struggling to log on please get in touch with their Form Teacher (their email addresses can be found below).

We also really need all parents to have the MyEd app downloaded on their smart phones. This will allow us to communicate more efficiently with parents, we just need to get the majority of parents on the app before we can use its full potential so please go onto your phones and download it now! (the priority 1 parent/carer from sims will be the one that can download and access the app for the student).

The app allows you to receive messages from school but also keep a check on achievement and behaviour points received by your child and their attendance, broken down lesson by lessons.

The lego Club will continue on a Thursday luchtime it is in A25 and all Year 9 and 7 are welcome.

iDEA club is also up and running on a Wednesday lunchtime on G floor. iDEA is an international programme that helps you develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free. Through their series of online challenges, you can win career-enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and, ultimately, gain industry recognised awards that help you stand out from the crowd. More information can be found at https://idea.org.uk/. There are many other sports, art, music clubs and events that students should get involved in too.

Key dates and staff information can be found below.

Mrs R Beavers
Year 9 Support and Challenge Manager

Key dates this term:

7th January (Monday) First day back at school. We hope you are well rested and ready for the assessment week next week!

Week commencing 14th January Year 9 Assessment Week – various subjects will be holding assessments in lesson time this week. These will be marked and fed back to students in the next 2 weeks.

February Year 9 reports will be emailed to parents. These will indicate how students are progressing in each of the subjects they take, what their attitude to learning is like in the subjects and there will be a comment about ’next steps’ in each subject. These provide your child with targets to focus on achieving.
7th March (Thursday) World Book Day – keep an eye on the electronic bulletin boards to see what is planned or speak to your English Teacher.

10th April (Wednesday) Careers Day for Year 9 – more information will be given nearer the time.

Week commencing 29th April Year 9 Assessment Week – various subjects will be holding assessments in lesson time this week. These will be marked and fed back to students in the next 2 weeks.

9th May End of Year Show

23rd May Year 9 Parents’ Evening

11th July Rock Assembly London (60 Yr 9 students TBC)

15th July Activities week

19th July Sports Day

Year 9 Team:

Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs R Beavers (RYB@beckfootthornton.org)

Assistant Support & Challenge Manager – Mrs K Barraclough (KNB@beckfootthornton.org)

Behaviour Worker – Mr Walmsley (IWA@beckfootthornton.org)

9DR1 R Duchovny (RND@beckfootthornton.org)
9DR2 K Sykes (KYS@beckfootthornton.org)
9DR3 R Pattinson (RAP@beckfootthornton.org)
9EL1 A Shah (AHS@beckfootthornton.org)
9EL2 G Walker (GLW@beckfootthornton.org)
9EL3 S Buddle (SJB@beckfootthornton.org) and E Linacre (EAL@beckfootthornton.org)
9SA1 P Garside (PAG@beckfootthornton.org)
9SA2 J Smallwood (JUS@beckfootthornton.org) and K Parkin (KEP@beckfootthornton.org)
9SU1 K Sykes (KES@beckfootthornton.org)
9SU2 I Degha (ILD@beckfootthornton.org)