KS4 Options Subjects

Options choices mark an exciting point in your child’s journey at Beckfoot Thornton, when you and your child make decisions about some of the subjects they will be studying during our three year Key Stage 4. We want our students to be ambitious about their success and to be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and to overcome any barriers to learning that they may have.

All of our students will study the following subjects:

· English language and literature—2 GCSE qualifications
· Mathematics—1 GCSE qualification
· Science—most students will study 2 GCSEs in science, with some students studying separate sciences which leads to 3 GCSEs, one each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Both routes are designed to be pathways to A-Level science courses.
· A humanities GCSE

In addition to this, please find enclosed a personalised options form that has been carefully designed to provide your child with the opportunity to study a range of subjects. All subjects will result in either a GCSE or Vocational Award, both of which lead to post 16 education, and further detail of which can be found on our website. We also ask that you choose a reserve subject in case we are unable to offer one of the choices made.

We appreciate that you will want to talk about this with your child to ensure that you help them make the right decision. To complement this, we will provide in school careers advice during tutorial time, dedicated assemblies and support from subject tutors. Ultimately we want to work together to ensure that your child is a successful learner who has the skills and opportunities to enjoy, learn and succeed.

The deadline for the return of this form to form tutors is Tuesday 15th January 2019. If a form is handed in late, this may affect our ability to allocate your child their preferences. If you have not yet received your child’s option form, please contact the year team for further details.

KS4 Options Subject Information