October 2018

Attending school every day is essential to ensure that students reach their full potential. Analysis of school data indicates that students with an attendance of below 97% across 5 years will be at least 1 GCSE grade lower in all subjects when compared to those students that have 99%+ attendance.

To date, 802 students have an attendance of 100%, this is fantastic, however it is only 62% of our population. 846 students have an attendance of above 97%, anything less than 97% really does start to affect the potential results students will achieve at GCSE level.

Attendance is the one thing that parents/carers can control. Sending your son/daughter to school every day is a legal requirement, you are investing in their future. Poor attendance will limit what students can achieve.

Taking term time holidays does have an impact on attendance and will ultimately limit what a student can achieve. Taking 5 or 10 days term time holiday will have a massive impact. A 5 day holiday equates to 1500 minutes of education missed, 10 days is 3000 minutes. Put another way, the time it would take to play 33 football matches!

We do not authorise term time holidays and the Local Authority will fine parents (both parents) that take their child/children out of school in term time. Fines may also be issued to parents/carers if their son/daughter is classified as persistently absent; i.e. have an attendance less than 90%. Since August, £11,000 of fines have been issued by the local authority.

To finish on a positive note, students with 100% up to half term will receive a reward from school at the start of the new half – term. Please continue to encourage your son/daughter to attend school every day. Further information about attendance can be found on our attendance page on the web site.

Mr J A Halliley
Assistant Headteacher – Approach to Learning, Attendance and Behaviour