September 2018

This week, in assemblies, the importance of having good attendance throughout the academic year has been the focus. They now know that they should be in school for 190 days a year, leaving them 175 days a year to do what they want.
Students should now understand the detrimental effect poor attendance would have on their GCSE performance; an attendance of 94% every year for 5 years will see a drop of one GCSE grade in every subject.

Even with an attendance of 96%, 8 days of education are missed which equates to 40 lessons or 2400 minutes. This is a lot of time outside the classroom, the equivalent of 26 Bradford City games in a season.

Our aim is to have every student attend every day and so far, 1055 of our 1286 students have 100% attendance, which is fantastic. However, 202 have an attendance below 90% already, which is not so good.

We asked students to think about the following in order to have good attendance above 97%;
Come to school even if they do not feel so good. Not taking a day off because of a common cold for example
Not booking dentist or GP appointments during a school day
Not taking days off because they have “fallen out” with friends. The Support and Challenge managers in each year always help students resolve any problems they may have.
Asking parents not to book term time holidays as the school will not authorise these and Bradford MDC will issue a fixed penalty fine.

Attendance to school, on time, every day is so important as it gives every student the opportunity to be the best that they can be. Students with excellent attendance will be acknowledged through our rewards programme, and students will lose out on rewards when attendance dips below 96%.