Values and Ethos

Our mantra is ‘the best idea wins’.

Each school in the Trust is in a different place on its journey towards becoming a remarkable learning environment, some are already outstanding, in-time they all will be.

 The Trust schools work closely together to identify and then implement consistently the best school improvement strategies across it’s schools:

  • In Beckfoot Trust schools young people always come first and expect to achieve great things. They lead and shape the progress of their school community.  School life is enriching and purposeful for everyone and parents engage fully in supporting their children to achieve great things.
  • The Trust believes in great leadership that inspires staff to achieve more for their young people. The ‘Beckfoot Teaching School’ provides teacher training programmes to ensure staff are always at their best in the classroom.
  • Beckfoot Trust schools are well led by effective headteachers supported by the Trust’s ‘Central Improvement Team’. Each school is systematic, accountable and extremely aspirational.
  • Schools in the Trust educate Bradford’s young people, are co-educational, comprehensive in status and ethos and closely grouped around the Trust’s founding school, Beckfoot.

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