Transition Group

   Miss K Smith

Miss H Horne

As a vital part of coming to secondary school, it makes sense that the transition programme will have volunteers from year 7 to work alongside the year team.  They will help to design a programme that will benefit next year incoming 7s when they arrive with us in the September.  The students will be trained up to so that they can then accompany the year team out on visits to the primary schools, work on the transition days to support the new students and then be a familiar face and mentor to them when they arrive with us.

As transition doesn’t formally start until families have been informed of what secondary school they have been allocated, students will spend time reflecting on last year before we can move forward.  We will firstly select students who want to work on transition and then we will train them in working with staff to give effective feedback and new ideas.  This group will then work closely with the year team to:

·         Identify what worked well last year

·         What the students could contribute to the Primary school visits

·         What the pupils feel would improve the experience

·         Deliver the transition experience in July

·         Become mentors for the new year 7

Any further queries please email Miss K Smith kas@beckfootthornton.org or Miss H Horne hmn@beckfootthornton.org