Anti-Bullying Student Leadership Team

Welcome to the team of Beckfoot Thornton Anti-Bullying Champions! In 2018, the Student Voice group were passionate in their feelings about bullying.  As a team of young leaders, they decided that there is no place for bullying at our school and that they should send the message to all students that they should, ‘stand up and speak out’. From here, the Anti-Bullying Champions were formed.

Assistant Headteacher Mr Coulson and Behaviour Team Leader and Bradford Bulls Captain Mr Crossley, lead the team of innovative and exciting young leaders. Anti-bullying badges were designed by the talented Jovaria in year 10 and are worn by the leaders with pride.  Students around school know that anyone wearing the badge is available at all times to support and guide them if they have are aware of any issues with bullying.

The team assisted in writing the new Anti-Bullying policy which is available on the website. They also designed and implemented a creative solution of having an ‘anonymous drop-box’ and referral forms located around school to help students bring any issues around bullying to the attention of staff.

There are training sessions and meetings each half-term for existing Anti-Bullying Champions and new students are always welcome to join.  If anyone has any questions on the Anti-Bullying programme, please email Mr Crossley at sac@beckfoothornton.org or Mr Coulson at rnc@beckfootthornton.org. Alternatively, if anyone wishes to join the team of Anti-Bullying Champions, please email Miss Ballantyne who oversees the whole Student Leadership programme at rlb@beckfootthornton.org