Beckfoot Thornton Magazine

My name is Mr Ilyas Degha, I am a teacher of Design and Technology. During the academic year 2018-2019, I am running a creative project which will bring together all the hard work we do in our school in the form of a school magazine. The aim is to showcase all the work we are so proud of to the wider community, but also be a means for students to gain an awareness on wider school issues such as SMSC and safety-advice for students by students.

Production of the magazine will take place in the form of biweekly after school sessions where students will be put in groups and given tasks to do over the two weeks. We would then put together what we have done and present in the magazine.

Types of students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 that I am looking for;

·         Students with good creative direction - they know how to be creative designers with an eye for detail

·         Confident leaders - who feel comfortable approaching their favourite teachers in different departments and collecting work from them to put in the magazine

·         Confident illustrators - are you confident in sketching and creating cartoons? You could be the driving force behind creating a Beckfoot Thornton cartoon character!

·         Students with good literacy skills - who feel confident in compiling an outstanding magazine.

·         Students who have something to say and wish to get their thoughts and advice across to the wider community.

What you will gain from this is not only the pride knowing your work is going to be presentable to the community, but also key valuable skills such as time management, leadership, working well in a team and creativity. It is something you can put on a college/ job application that will really make you stand out from the rest.

Please feel free to contact me on ild@beckfootthornton.org should you require any more information.