Empowering Minds Student Leadership Team

Welcome to the team of Beckfoot Thornton which is creating awareness towards radicalisation and grooming. We have recently formed a group of young leaders who are very passionate about creating awareness towards radicalisation and grooming and how we, as a group can help Beckfoot Thornton understand the dangers of radicalisation and grooming and how to protect young people from these issues, as well as equip parents with the necessary skills to stand up against radicalisation and grooming. From here, the Empowering Minds Team was formed.

Behaviour Team Leader Mr Shahid will lead the team of innovative and exciting young leaders. We will be working closely with a company known as Empowering Minds who will be giving our young leaders training on how to create awareness towards radicalisation and grooming. Empowering Minds will also conduct a 6 week programme which will be designed to equip the Beckfoot Thornton mothers with the necessary tools required to stand up against Radicalisation and grooming. During the 6 week programme our young leaders will act as ambassadors for the school and be part of this programme which also includes partnership with the Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police.

After the 6 week programme, myself and the young leaders will be equipped to deliver sessions on creating awareness towards radicalisation and grooming. These sessions will be tailored towards the students and the parents of Beckfoot Thornton.

There are training sessions and meetings each half-term for existing members of the Empowering Minds team and new students are always welcome to join. If anyone has any questions on the Empowering Minds student leadership team, please email Mr Shahid at has@beckfootthornton.org. Alternatively, if anyone wishes to join the team of Empowering Minds, please email Miss Ballantyne who oversees the whole Student Leadership programme at rlb@beckfootthornton.org