Mrs Hull, Support and Challenge Manger - Year 8.


Welcome to the Year 8 Student Leadership Project - First Give. As the Year 8 Support and Challenge Manager, I will be overseeing the delivery of the programme in school.  The Programme will be delivered by the team of Year 8 Form Tutors.

In Year 8, all students are going to undertake and get fully involved with the First Give programme. This is a fully-resourced programme that allows the students to develop their social conscience and key professional skills whilst supporting local causes they care about.


To help build a new generation of motivated and switched-on young people who will use their skills to support local charities and make the lives of others in and around their communities better.


To encourage the young people in Year 8 at Beckfoot Thornton to give their time, tenacity and talents to improve their local communities.

Delivery of the First Give Programme

The programme will be delivered in tutorial, twice a week for 16 weeks. It is delivered through a fully resourced scheme of work that is interactive and student-led. The Programme encourages the entire year group of students to identify social issues in their area and engage with local charities that address them. The students will then have the opportunity to compete for £1,000 of grant money. Teams will do this by advocating for their charity in a school competition - the First Give School Final. This involves presenting to peers and judges.

The scheme of work promotes many aspects of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education.

Key Outcomes

Students will be more aware of charities and social issues in their communities.

Students will feel that they have improved their leadership skills.

Students will be more open to the ideas, cultures, values and beliefs of others.

Students will feel First Give has made them more confident in other areas of life such as interviews.


Please feel free to contact myself, Mrs Karen Hull on knh@beckfootthornton.org should you require any further information.