Year 10

You may have already seen these knowledge organiser at home in your child's equipment pack. These are an important tool in all Beckfoot Thornton students becoming knowledgeable and expert learners. A knowledge Organiser is a summary of all the key knowledge that your child will need to secure to excel in each of their topics studied this half term. These will be refreshed every half term.

We encourage you to get involved in the use of these at home:
you could quiz your child
get them to explain a key concept to you
play hangman or blockbusters with key words
or even a round of Pictionary!
Knowledge Organisers will complement the homework that your child will be set on our learning platform, Show My Homework.

Currently, Year 7's equipment packs are staying in their form room: they are able access their Knowledge Organiser online through Show My Homework and the school website. They will be able to bring their hard copy home at the end of this half term.

If you have queries or feedback about this information, please email

KO_Y10_Autumn 01_Booklet_Combined Science

KO_Y10_Autumn 01_Booklet_Triple Science