Please find below a list of policies from our school. These are regularly reviewed and updated in line with our statutory obligations as a school. If you can't find something that you are looking for please get in touch using the contact page and we will be happy to assist you.

Statutory policies and information:
Beckfoot Thornton Anti-Bullying Policy 2018 Beckfoot Thornton (1)

Beckfoot Thornton Behaviour for Learning Policy September 2020
Beckfoot Thornton Care and Control Policy September 2017
Beckfoot Thornton LAC Policy Sepetember 2017
Beckfoot Thornton Young Carer Policy September 2017
Beckfoot Thornton Disability Equality Accessibility Policy October 2017
Beckfoot Thornton Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018 (3)
Beckfoot Thornton Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018
Exam Policy 2018
Beckfoot Thornton Accessibility Policy
Beckfoot Thornton learning Outside the Classroom Policy (1)
Homework Policy

Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy V5.0 FINAL Beckfoot Thornton

21092020 Child Protection and Safeguarding_Policy Annex V3.0 (2)

The policies below are whole Trust policies and can be found on the Beckfoot Trust website. Please follow this link https://www.beckfoottrust.org/about-us/key-information/policies-and-documents/.
Trust Attendance Management and Stress at Work Policy V4.0
Trust Attendance Policy V3.0
Trust Behaviour Policy V2.0
Trust Charging and Remissions Policy v1.2
Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy V4.0
Trust Code of Conduct Policy V3.0
Trust Complaints Procedures V5.0
Trust Confidential Reporting and Whistleblowing Policy V2.0
Trust Curriculum Statement V1.1
Trust Equality and Religious and Cultural Needs Policy V4.0
Trust Expenses Policy V2.4
Trust GDPR Data Protection & FOI Policy V3.0
Trust Gifts and Hospitality Guidance V3.0
Trust Health and Safety Policy V7.0
Trust Incident Reporting Policy V3.0
Trust Internal Audit Policy V.2
Trust Leadership and Principles Policy V1.1
Trust Managing Workforce Change, Redundancy, Retirement & Redeployment V3.0
Trust Modern Slavery Act Code of Conduct for Suppliers
Trust Modern Slavery Act Guidance
Trust Modern Slavery Act Statement
Trust Online Safety Policy V3
Trust Pay and Performance Management Policy V7.0
Trust Pension Scheme Discretionary Benefits Policy V4.0
Trust Recruitment, DBS and Apprenticeships V4.0
Trust SEN and Disability Policy V2.0
Trust Sixth Form Admissions Policy V1.0
Trust Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance Policy V4.0
Trust Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy V1.0
Trust Violence at Work Policy V3.0
Trust Work and Families Policy V4.0