Please find below a list of policies from our school. These are regularly reviewed and updated in line with our statutory obligations as a school. If you can't find something that you are looking for please get in touch using the contact page and we will be happy to assist you.

Statutory policies and information:

Beckfoot Thornton Anti-Bullying Policy 2018 Beckfoot Thornton (1)

Beckfoot Thornton Behaviour for Learning Policy

Beckfoot Thornton Care and Control Policy September 2017

Beckfoot Thornton LAC Policy Sepetember 2017

Beckfoot Thornton Young Carer Policy September 2017

Beckfoot Thornton Disability Equality Accessibility Policy October 2017

Trust CCTV Policy v2.0 (1)

Beckfoot Thornton Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018 (3)

Beckfoot Trust Attendance Policy

Beckfoot Thornton Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018

Trust Online Safety Social Media and ICT Policy V2.0 (2)

Beckfoot Trust Staff Discipline, Conduct and Grievance Policy

Trust Parent Student Privacy Notice V1

Beckfoot Trust Whistleblowing Policy

Beckfoot Trust Charging and Remissions Policy

Beckfoot Trust Complaints Procedures (Parents)

Trust GDPR Data Protection and FOI Policy

Beckfoot Trust Equality Information and Objectives

Beckfoot Trust Accident Reporting Procedure Policy

Beckfoot Trust Health and Safety Policy

Trust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 2019

Beckfoot Trust SEN and Disability Policy

Beckfoot Trust Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy

Beckfoot Trust Curriculum Statement

Beckfoot Trust Recruitment Safer Recruitment  DBS and Disqualification by Association Policy

Exam Policy 2018


Beckfoot Thornton Accessibility Policy

Beckfoot Thornton learning Outside the Classroom Policy (1)

Homework Policy