Please refer to Pages 8 to 10 of the Behaviour Policy for clarification regarding uniform expectations.

Beckfoot Thornton Behaviour for Learning Policy September 2020

A list of suitable school footwear, available from Wynsors can be found below:


PE kit policy 2020-21

  • Students are only allowed to wear Beckfoot Thornton PE kit.
  • Students may wear leggings (Trampolining/ dance and when on outside activities under normal PE shorts in inclement weather at the discretion of the teacher). Skins style shirts can be worn under PE T-Shirt as long as they are black or blue.
  • If students forget their kit they will need to borrow some from school. The school do not loan PE socks.
  • If students forget an item of kit they will receive a no kit first offence sticker in their planner, should they forget the second time in the week they receive a second offence sticker and a 2B break consultation with their member of staff at the next break time.